To All The Idiocy I’ve Known

To all the SUV's in town The ones that I can't see around I was sad you came along I'll be glad when you are gone To all the massive tanks in town The winds of waste are really blowing And I predicted it this way The landfills are quickly growing And the smog erodes...

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War Mangled Manner

O' how can you see If your lids are sewn shut? How so proudly we failed To read our Pre-si-dent's mean-ing Whose intentions unclear And a mind not quite there Or the news that we saw Was so gallantly seeming But the clusters bombs fell! Oil rivers would swell! And the...

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Battle Hymn of Global Warming

Chorus: Glory, Glory global warming/Glory, Glory global storming Glory, Glory, heed my warning/Or your planet will burn and die! 1) Who elected this new dip stick With all his politics? His stance on the environment Would really make you sick But! His constituents...

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Presidential Landslide

Oh - saw the dove Shot it down Oh - took my throne Wore a crown And if you see my reflection In bloodcovered hills Will the landslide bring it down Oh - evil in my mind What is Love? Can the truth in this country Rise above Will you ever impeach me 'cause I lied Can I...

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