Imagine 2005: to the tune of “Imagine” by John Lennon

by | Aug 13, 2005 | Rewritten Songs

1) Imagine there’s no money – Healthcare for you was free
A barterhood of brothers – No more pov-er-ty
*Imagine being older *And aging beautifully!
Imagine no obsessions – And no obesity
No more toothpick models – Such starved insanity
*Imagine clothes don’t matter *Or make you better than me!
You may say it’s impossible
But you haven’t even tried
I hope someday you’ll wake up
And know you must de-cide!
2) Imagine no pol-i-tic-ians – Pushy Elephants and Asses
Imagine all of us as equals – No more trumped-up classes
*Imagine all the media *Truthful with the masses!
Imagine a “living” wage – I wonder if you dare
Imagine slavery a crime – And Congress really cared
*Imagine every neighbor *Ready to love and share!
You may say I’m a looney
But I’m not a TV freak
I don’t dig those commercials
With all that doublespeak!
3) Imagine no more clutter – Where’d it come from’ mystery
Walking in your kitchen – Of sparse simplicity
*Imagine your teen helping *And doing it for free!
Imagine no more billionaires – Or for-feit-ing our guns
Imagine no more homeless – A place for everyone
*Imagine that the o-zone *Is protecting us from sun!
You may say I’m a loser
But I’m winning at the game
I hope someday you’ll get it
And learn to do the same!
4) Imagine no more phones calls – From agents you don’t know
Imagine this is banned – For the privacy of home
*Imagine the Constitution *Where did this right go?
Imagine time for family – It’s a poss-i-bil-i-ty
If only people knew – How to work for what they need
*Imagine no more cutting *Our Civil Lib-er-ties!
You may say I’m schemer
But inside you each agree
That freedom’s disappearing
For false se-cur-i-ty!

Ciera S. Louise c. August 13, 2005
Subject to Revision (12/25/05)