The Eve of Eden

by | Dec 29, 2008 | Poetically Correct

Your world.
You own it.
Cultivate and nurture it.
Weeds to the left,
Watering can to the right.

Sun beams warm,
Scents of spring,
Sweet simplicity
As a small face,
Peering up to You.
Curiously reaching,
Into existence,
Asking the stars:

Am I acceptable,
A mere dandelioness?
Fatefully placed,
In Your garden,
Of mixed soil?

I only offer this moment,
Suspended beauty,
In a reflective pattern.
A nova of brilliance.
Here today,
Gone tomorrow,

An unknowing entry,
Frightening and pure.
A glorious exit,
From eternal captivity.

Ciera S. Louise c. December 29, 2008