Battle Hymn of Global Warming

by | Jul 29, 2005 | Rewritten Songs

Chorus: Glory, Glory global warming/Glory, Glory global storming
Glory, Glory, heed my warning/Or your planet will burn and die!

1) Who elected this new dip stick
With all his politics?
His stance on the environment
Would really make you sick
But! His constituents will bless him
Cause he hangs around with Dick
As the heat wave’s coming on

2) What happened to our country
Where ‘The People’ really cared?
Now they’re living in a clamshell
Because they’re really scared
But! They’ve got to pay the bills
Or they haven’t got a prayer
And the heat wave’s marching on

3) Who sided with this President?
Now aren’t you ashamed?
‘Cause everything that’s going wrong
There’s an American to blame
But! You think you needn’t worry
If you simply play the game
But the heat wave’s rolling on

4) He thinks he played a trump card
By putting us to war
He could have found alternatives
Behind another door
But! His friends are power-hungry
And money-loving whores
While the heat wave’s going on

5) I’d be packing my belongings
Thank heavens they’re quite few
With all of your possessions
What would you ever do?
But! Since we really have no place to hide
We’re really getting’ screwed
As the heat wave marches on

6) Maybe next election
We’ll wake and hear the call
As long as we’re divided
Then united we shall fall
And though we are reluctant
We really must stand tall
Or in the heat wave we’ll be gone!