by | Jan 1, 2005

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Collage of hand prints, a split pencil and treesCollage of a hand holding a rainbow and money next to a white bird. Under the hand is the US constitution, water and earthCollage with a rainbow in the sky with a cut out woman's faceCollage of a horse in a stable over ten dollar bills with a yin-yang symbol aboveCup with a rainbow of money pouring into it. The cup has an eye on itCollage of a Unicorn in spaceCollage with eagle, all seeing eye pyramid, George W. Bush, dollar bill, map and a portrait of President George Washington from a dollar bill.Collage with someone flying in the sky and two globes.Collage of heads. Horse head, Man's head and baby's head.What has been will be again. Collage with globes clocks and a twenty dollar bill.Cup with a rainbow pouring into it. The cup has a portrait of President George Washington from a dollar bill on it.Woman holding a shiny jewel.Collage of horse between split halves of a Globe. The horse has a mane made out of one dollar bills.