To All The Idiocy I’ve Known

by | Mar 17, 2006 | Rewritten Songs

To all the SUV’s in town
The ones that I can’t see around
I was sad you came along
I’ll be glad when you are gone
To all the massive tanks in town
The winds of waste are really blowing
And I predicted it this way
The landfills are quickly growing
And the smog erodes the day

To all the meter maids I’ve seen
Especially the ones so mean
Do you have to watch the time?
When we’re stuck in a long line?
To all the meter maids Divine
The dreams you have we’ll all be shouting
When lawlessness shall reign
And no one will hire you knowing
How you drove us all insane

For all the holidays we have
And all the shoppers going mad
I’m surprised we survive at all
Or build another mall
To all the holidays so bad
The seasons now are slowly shifting
As money floats up to the top
And all the things that you are gifting
Has finally got to stop

To all the credit loaning sharks
I only have a few remarks
I’m glad you taught us well
Indebted deep as hell
Thanks to all the credit loaning sharks
The game is old, we’ve had enough
The interest just got really lame
You’ve sucked out all our coffee cups
And there’s a CEO to blame.

Ciera S. Louise (Draft) c. March 17, 2006