About this Website

by | Apr 15, 2006

Ciera Sky Louise photo taken 12/24/2007This site was created:

Firstly, for my regular following of readers always wondering what I will write next. I try to stay current with the events and spiritual questions of the present day.

Secondly, I felt I needed to open the door for others to see this writing which I never take full credit for – it belongs to the mysterious Muse. She, I’m quite sure it is a She, is always telling me something in rhyme or prose concerning whatever I see, hear or feel for myself and all of us. I’ve referred to Her as the Prophetess sometimes. The words sometimes seem to predict what has been historically and shall be again in regards to war, love, peace, leaders, poverty, suffering, success, injustice … to name a few.

Your Comments Welcome

I welcome your comments and heartfelt responses to these words. It is for that part of you from that part of me reaching out and praying for the progress we need to keep striving for to ultimately bring us together under the Sun. I believe every being can choose to redeem themselves from their fall from grace and earn those wings where we all meet on the other side of this physical plane.

Lack of Biography

Pardon that I did not draft this opening nor did I make a big deal as to my own personal bio. This was more important I felt. We all stumble on this journey whether by making mistakes or having blocks put in our path. I feel no need to conjure up a traumatic history to explain my words. We all have our own traumas and need to honor and love one another without judgement for those past things. Alas, there will be those fallen bitter souls who will try to tear asunder good works and words, but without those challenging folks I would lack the abundance of so much additional verse of ponder and wonder. I thank them too for the material they provide me with as it relates to the deepest pain within us all.

Ciera Sky Louise
April 2006