Your Country Piss on Thee sung to: My Country Tis of Thee

by | Aug 2, 2005 | Rewritten Songs

Your country piss on thee
We’ll strip your dignity
With ven-gean-cy
Land where we flaunt our pride
Land of the greatest lie
For-get what you were told
Our – might – behold!

Long may we fight this war
With children dying more
We’re keeping score
Our cause is neither right
As we are full of spite
From e-very shooting sight
Hear freedom ring!

Our Father God above
See our great lack of love
We shed the blood
Will you forgive our soul?
If hands are made to fold?
When power was our goal?
Hear the death bell toll!.

CSL. c. Aug. 02, 2005
rev. Aug. 10, 2005