Why The Fat Lady Sings

by | Jun 18, 2006 | Poetically Correct

Where is the sin in being fat or thin?
Live and let live, all treasure within
I am not plastic, nor claim fantastic
To freeze in a frame, a Soul to claim
This temple is mine, with a Self of Divine
I am not prized, for an ass and thighs
See a cut from a-torn and acknowledge her scorn
The female is much more than a physical score
While Hollywood lies, true happiness is not size
The extremes of control, reap sorrow-behold!
She is not some whore, for the richer or poor
Note smile and esteem, real laugh and a dream
A voice speaking song, yet maternally strong
Her heart be true and shall honor you
Her arms are home, not caustic bone
Brown eyes you admire, close enough for desire
For all women need space, to read your face
When she asks, is it okay, you will humbly say:
Dear ladylike Dove, now I truly know Love.

Ciera S. Louise c. June 18, 2006