What Goes Around Comes Around

by | Feb 7, 2006 | Poetically Correct

When it all comes out in the wash
She’ll try to come running back
Placating me with a phony smile
As if my memory I would lack
She’d be the very last
I would ever offer again
My honest heart and openness
A trusted and loyal friend
Back down you Silver Viper!
I remember your Evil Name
I remember all my heartache
From your gossip and head games
Your accident is self-designed
I’ll neither laugh nor gloat
But I’d admit it was about time
You left that suicide note
Now my every prayer is for the weak
And the victims you’ve left to die
The creatures you ran over
Even every swatted fly
Say what you want about me
I petitioned on you long ago
I have strong faith in Karma
God’s Vengeance as you know
I may lack glorious wings
But this Spirit takes to flight
I watch you in your dreams
I shadow you every night
Dare you feign your innocence
The Universe shall cast you down
And no one will ever notice
When your Soul cannot be found
You’re the prisoner and guard
Standing divided sad
You should have been a good girl
When you opted to be bad.

Ciera S. Louise c. February 07, 2006