The Peace Prize

by | May 7, 2005 | Poetically Correct

The Peacemaker

Complains not

Has no resentment

Nor is caught

By many-eyed spiders

Spinning webs of deceit

For those who might fall

Conceding defeat

No escape or attack

She forgives not forgets

The deluded disciples

Of hates and frets

She stays under the wing

Of the dove in De Light

Her aura most Divine

Unrequited to spite

Christ is still on a mission

Wipes scales from the eye

Of every Believer

Who questions not why

This Life be but Death

A Great Serenity Prayer

The ultimate journey

The Victor’s career

She’ll don no mask

But her armor is known

By the Enemy of Love

The money-fed Drone

When he stands accountable

With a flaccid forked tongue

All dissension shall cease

And Thy Kingdom come.

Ciera S. Louise c. 05/07/05