Skeletons in America’s Closet

by | Sep 24, 2005 | Poetically Correct

You best be damn careful if you are poor
Don’t anger the neighbor or knock on his door
Don’t call the police or they’ll haul YOU away
Never get sick and need a hospital stay
You are despised and blamed for your lot
Condemned to poverty, lest you get caught
Court-appointed lawyers will get you big time
Until you accept being born was your crime
You’ll never matter come floods or fire
You’re not a viable citizen like those who retire
That kind of American is now useless and frail
So they create “nursing homes” to put you in jail
The elder torture chambers are rather well known
But not the botched records that confiscated your home
Oh yes, those HOMELESS, I had almost forgotten
Considered the worst of low-life and rotten
They’ll give out their aid, but not without a fight
Call you “assertive bitch” standing up for what’s right
I know this mark in this Predator’s Game
Spread all of that gossip of how I’m insane
Now that is the worst, having mental health attacked
A little depression will get you totally whacked
With no credibility, you’re ordered to stand down
Take their legalized tranquilizers or leave this town
Uh huh, this is our country and it is all true
Ask most single mothers-oops!-it’s their fault too!
Well sooner or later the pendulum shall swing
‘We all fall down’ I heard the caged bird sing.

Ciera S. Louise c. September 24, 2005