Oppressive Press

by | Mar 1, 2005 | Poetically Correct

The Buyer and the Guardian

Climbed in bed together

Talked over how to misinform

The public for the better

Edit, chop or delete

Any writer that we hate

Particularly dumb poets

Who don’t think we’re so great

Backstab gossip and classified

We can’t leave out the dead

Or the lottery for idiots

Whose taxes must be bled

Don’t harm the rich or royal name!

But do slander those so poor

A kind of evil that divides a home

We’ll deliver door to door

So keep printing all your bias

Sleep deep in your made bed

You both deserve each other

For the tumors that you spread

Money is all you’ll ever love!

You’re Satan’s printed best

The first to say that Jesus loves you

When you’re all that He’d detest

Oh sweet reasoning rhyme

Our nation was built on you

Democracy not dictatorship

Shall see The People through!

CSL c.3/01/05