Not So Keene Winter

by | Mar 13, 2005 | Poetically Correct

I woke up this morning
Looked out at the scene
My car was gone
And so was Keene
Okay, who’s the _______
Still praying for snow?
There’s always Alaska
If you didn’t know
Tote your boots
Goggles and skis
Go where it froze over
The disfigured trees
Snowmen and hot cocoa
A year ’round thrill!
I’ll call you a plane
I’ll pay the bill!
One more storm
I’ll help you pack
We’ll survive
If you don’t look back
I made a bumper sticker
For your rear end
Live Freeze And Die
Goodbye dear friend
‘Twas a Scenic place
No longer your home
Send us a postcard
When you reach Nome.

Ciera S.Louise c. March 13, 2005