Lore of the Flies

by | Dec 5, 2005 | Poetically Correct

Science won’t say you’re the pig and rat
Or why some people adore an arrogant cat
Don’t get this wrong, there’s infrequent exceptions
Like when the media tells a Truth within the deceptions
Psychologists can’t say that your curly-haired friend
Is brighter than you with your hidden rear end
How we’re taught to hide ’cause Barbie is Queen
Compromising to fit in is to Self really mean
Corporations lure poor ones to shop ’til they sweat
Their illusion of success is to be living in debt
They plan to retrain you and modify that degree
With all of their policies you’d have to agree
Pretend to say grace when Religion is King
Of the psyche and shell – what Spirit could sing?
So gorge – imbibe – and act merry
A Gossip carries The Plague
And when there’s no trust
Your Contract is vague
Best know and love your neighbor
Don’t decide you have a Class
We are all in this together
To Them, (hello?), we are trash
Smile at Them and obediently nod
Meanwhile stand ready for the vengeance of God.

Ciera S. Louise c. Dec. 05, 2005