Living Karma

by | Feb 12, 2004 | Poetically Correct

I love You
You love Me.
When you go to Them
They twist your words
With evil intent
As spikes to my heart.
They are not your friends
Or confidantes
Nor be mine.
Do not betray my Love
Lest you betray yourself.
They will have you dig your grave
Before you’ll ever dine with Them.
Even so:
Their food will cause you to regurgitate.
For all that is untrue
Cannot survive.
Be Love and Truth.
Know Peace and Harmony.
I am always with You
For you,
beside you,
Never against your tides.
I will block the shadow
Pulling at your feet
To devour you
In Death while you are alive
Standing, sitting, or lying.
O’ Guardian Angel
Of unseen doors Eternal
Shine as the Sun
Be One.
As I have forgiven,
Tho’ mute in my forgiveness,
I have never
Will never
Forsake your Light
Your Beauty
Your Strength
For earthly gain.
For You are all that matters.

Ciera S. Louise 02/12/04