In Memory of a Brown Rat Named Reebok

by | Nov 17, 2005 | Poetically Correct

I know of eleven Innocents, their little Souls put down
Never had a chance in life for a family to be found
They grew up in the chaos of assaulting noise and light
No one took the time to see these beings of the night
I came along all too late when their fate was all but sealed
So many unfairly hated them as though they couldn’t feel
Have a mind or precious dream God gifted every creature
Perfected only in animals this unconditional feature
All too ready to give you love and trust our two-legged kind
Sniffing for the safe one because they’re very blind
Never prejudiced toward us and all too ready for you play
‘Til a human came along and snatched that trust away
Now terror-stricken he bit that familiar poking hand
Could it be the same one of the last malevolent man?
I’ve seen the rat nine painful years, a hundred come and gone
And the fear of these domestic ones is ab-so-lute-ly wrong
Despising their tails is likened to judging a friend by limb
This will be part of our extinction as the ultimate Living Sin
Thou shalt not kill nor euthanize based on ignorant data bases
And our inhumane society shall be haunted by those faces.

Ciera S. Louise c. Nov. 17, 2005