Grim Side of the Story

by | Mar 4, 2006 | Poetically Correct


I had written this poem when my doctors said I might have a serious systemic disorder, or not too serious, thus my thoughts were something along the lines of how much time do I have anyway? I have to have more tests next month and even yet these may not pinpoint the cause of my condition which is registered through what they call a Positive Ana Test. I’m headed for rheumatology in April (I guess I have until April anyway) to start, but in the meantime, what would I think about this guy they call Grim? I know what I think about our Keene Clinic/Hospital, but you’ll get to see that from another poetic point of view. I leave no one, place, or event out of my writing. Hence…

Grim Side of the Story

He handed me an hour glass
Turned it over in my palm
Told me “Have no fear
Release anxiety, be calm.
For all that you went through
We fast forward and rewind
This is where you always are
Living Death is all you’ll find.
You sleep to dream and wake
The clock spins twice around
You end up where you started
A seed back in the ground.
Transmigration is a journey
Evolving with the earth
Welcome every chance
To redesign your birth.”
I asked the Reaper why to sow
With a scythe as if to scare
Covered in black as a skeleton
The ghost of all despair?
He said, “Untrue be this myth
Like many so made up
Look here and see the rainbow
At the bottom of my cup!
In my right hand is this goblet
A spiritual drink not mentioned.
Close your eyes and look again
At the Separatist Invention
I take you all religious or not
Well or sick, old or young
The only sin is creating Gods
Confining every One
Unification is the circled secret
The Uni-verse but contains
When all is said and done
Love is what remains.

Ciera S. Louise c. March 04, 2006