Curse Enemy Mine

by | Sep 23, 2005 | Poetically Correct

For all the tarnish on that silver lining

For all the small print when I was signing

If not for bad luck the word wouldn’t exist

I’ve been the moving target on someone’s list

No wonder I had to double-lock the doors

Watch my every step on those glossy floors

The moment I looked up the Enemy was there

A smirk on his face and his mate with a sneer

Why God did not slay those gossips and witches?

Or blow their carcasses into unmarked ditches?

Those lustful dumb men longing to rape my Soul?

Those self-righteous neighbors so brutal and cold?

From this moment on I petition the Thunder

Note every Intruder and slash them asunder

So much as a thought of illwill sent my way

Oh Master of Elements make them pay

I reclaim my Power and Daughter as well

Threaten either of us and you shall taste Hell

Old Testament Angel shall crush your pride

Thrust and twist Her sword in your side

My punishment is done as my youth is gone

I’m the harmless old woman with a deadly song.

Ciera S. Louise c. September 23, 2005