Appeal for Financial Help

by | Apr 21, 2006 | What's New

I would like to appeal to anyone who is able to financially help with the self publication of my book of 2005 and the pending / in progress book of 2006.

I also have to apply and pay for separate ISBN numbers for each of my “6” chapbooks so I am registered with the Library of Congress. This way, my books can be nationally marketed. As it stands, the books I have put out are stuck in Keene, NH, (NOT good) because they have no registered number for tracking and ordering. It’s so frustrating because even the pay-for publishing houses are much more expensive and the author is less certain exactly how the printing and sales are being done.

I am also a full time veterinary student, single mom, work part-time, run a Dove Sanctuary as a federal and state-licensed rehabilitator, am a relay/rescue/education center for displaced pet rats, and somehow am managing this new website. I love it all and believe in the community service aspects of my life. The animal stuff is all non-gratis but my love for animals is too great to not involve them and their needs in my life.

Any inquiries or donations can be mailed to myself at:
PO Box 301
Keene NH 03431

I’m really not into asking for anything but I’ll never know who has the heart and resources if I don’t risk asking.

Thanks for your consideration, comments, requests in reference to donation application to any of the above mentioned, and prayers for this to become a wonderful success all around.

Pray For Peace,
Ciera Sky Louise.
April, 2006