A Negative Encounter with The Keene Sentinel

by | May 18, 2006 | What's New

This is my most recent encounter with The Keene Sentinel, our local newspaper, which is now basically banning my verse in their newspaper. All of it is true and you must wonder why. Once you’re certain you KNOW why, think again about all of the rights you are slowly losing for a false sense of security. Truth is not popular nor always pleasant and lies will eventually come back to the liar after all of the damage has been done. All that truly matters is not what you possess in material goods, but rather, it will be what loved one(s) you’ll be with when the shit hits the fan.

Peace friends, may Enemies fall back, for God is watching US from a distance and will deal with US real close up. Please awaken the ‘sleepers’ of the Lie.

To: Letters To The Editor in The Keene Sentinel
May 18, 2006
Submitted by: Ciera S. Louise
PO Box 301, Keene, NH 03431
(603) 352-3266 

The Chief of “The Paper” has notified me that in “Letters To The Editor” there’ll be no poetry. Though it’s a Reader Opinion, “it can’t look like verse”, so please pardon me if my meter is worse.

Poetical comments nor fit in The Muse, with that one slot per week allowance, they’re less able to choose. Sometimes it (The Muse) vanishes and is not even put in—hence—another week goes by and the poet must grin. We (poets) know how powerful be an anthem or psalm, yet we take all of this rejection and stay implosively calm.

I’ll never care why he said “freedom of the press is for those who print it and select what is best.” Honestly, how much can we read about the blah—blah—blues with a token positive article in the stress-filled news?

So now you know why the poetry is obsolete: because narrow-minded beings like their news incomplete. I could go on with the bias of twisting an innocent man before he’s found guilty and his rep’s in the can. But I won’t proceed or a business punk will say: “Crucify the poet and keep it our way.” While the slave dresses him and he is running the press we know it’s all about money, not truth and what’s best.

Ciera S. Louise, Keene, NH