A Muse Among Us

by | Feb 9, 2006 | Poetically Correct

A little sliver on a cold silver spoon
A little white lie a moment too soon
That takes the cake but never the pie
Do it over again but not sure why?
A dirty rat can make a clean getaway
Such ignorant bliss in all that you say
Once in a blue moon you do think twice
Wish upon a star when you roll the dice
Think about four eyes behind the eight ball
It was ten against one brick in the wall
But she got even and started to play rough
Told you umpteen times enough was enough
Like you never picked your nose or a fight
Now you can’t change a bulb but can fly a kite
I don’t walk on eggshells in a pretty glass house
Never throw stones or play the mute mouse
O’ hickory dickory why do you watch the clock?
We know so much but can’t walk the talk
What’s so damn funny is you can’t be serious?
You’re reading this like it’s mega-mysterious
To add insult to injury you cart the old horse
Say I’m out of my mind but not ask your source
Why is it called a Plural when it’s only one Word
How can your hear but never have heard?
You parked your mouth and left it running today
It’s a waste of my time and redundantly gray
Like the that river rages through the winter snow
Back to the ocean like some big league pro
I’ll break all of the rules but never my neck
You’re a slave labor fool who gets a stacked deck
Oops, it’s shift change again to let the dog out
Do you know this game beyond a reasonable doubt?

Ciera S. Louise c. February 09, 2006