A Glimpse of Faithe

by | Aug 20, 2008 | Poetically Correct

A Rat unloved
An Angel distant
A rabbit still
The beat persistent
We possess Not
‘Cause we fear All
Her broken wing
That empty stall
The dog shall bite
A cat maligned
One mouse escapes
While otters pine
A child’s tear
A stillborn fawn
A blinding glimpse
Of fate gone wrong
I held the squirrel
As she did pass
He who kills
Shall live Life last
When the Lion sighs
A crow not shrill
I’ll be standing
On Barren Hill
I’ll call the Dove
The Raven low
A serpent cold
From Devil’s Row
Listen People!
I’ll cry once more
I see you there
Your opaque door
Come first on knee
Sing the Sacred Song
Sing with Unity
Sing clear and strong.

Ciera S. Louise c. Aug 20-27, 2008