Defining The Terror 'Ism'
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This piece of writing is a craft I am testing for it's profound pattern. As you see the word terrorism is down each column of three. The word has been so tossed around that I wanted to clarify what I found it to be both in the dictionary and in my mind from all we have been hearing on the news. This poem should be columned and spaced properly to have its full effect.


Defining The Terror ‘Ism’


 The American Heritage Dictionary: n. "The political use of violence or intimidation."


Torturing             traveling            temperamental

Evil                       enigmatic           enemies:

Relaying              retaliatory          rationales,

Reinforcing         religious             resentments,

Over                     opaque               omnipotent

Royally                righteous           radicals

Inducing              isolated              ideological

Sovereign            symbolism:       statistically

Maintaining        myopic              madness


Ciera S. Louise c. July 21, 2005

Note: Before you judge this work, carefully study the definitions of each word as applied.