This poem is indeed about a female postal worker. She has been very rude to me yet, I have no idea what on earth was bothering her. Then I realized, oh yeah--I know these two people and his harem of females aside from his ex-wife. They both disgust me and if she feels threatened by me for being a younger female, tough.
This female headgame is so prevalent and usually not even a validated attack on some unwitting female bystander. True, there are those but not EVERY female needs this crap thrown at her for existing in the proximity.

Postal Prostitute

Though he be divorced
He is bound by a vow
For better or the worst
Death does what now?
Demon woman so thin
Your hair is a nest
Your conniving sin
Is getting undressed
Like an unwanted whore
Our government did employ
You slither 'cross the floor
Your dismissal I'll enjoy
For you treated me
Like a threat to your game
All I can ever see
Is a bitch with no name
I refuse to ever love
This viper from hell
God up above
I shall never tell.

   Ciera S. Louise  c. April 01, 2006