Pure Love: exactly what is it? I see it as an embracing of all life without possessiveness, harm-doing or expectation of some reciprocal energy. Angels often represent the way of deliverance from all that begets great sorrow in the human condition


 Light of Pure Love

Oí winged White Angel
Inhale my last breath
Draw me in close
Gently rock me to death
I have lived this hard life
My tale not to be told
Donít scorn me of flight
Not one secret Iíve sold
Iíve been banished here
Since I fell to the Earth
Lord return to me wings
Lost at human birth
Empty me of red blood
It has been most defiled
Where I didnít succeed
May I be reconciled
Iíll never be worthy
To peer into the Sun
Those who were chosen
Dreamt I to be One
Both relieved and sad
It is soon I must depart
Take away this memory
Rest this broken Heart
Thank you for Guardians
To my front and behind
Return me to pure Love
In the Light unconfined
Please take me back home
I release my Gray Soul
Only merging with You
Shall I be happy and whole.

Ciera S. Louise c. Feb 17, 2008