This started out as a single column sentence using the whole alphabet. I then pushed on to run a skein of words rippling through the alphabet horizontally as well. Making some sense doing this was difficult and when I got to XYZ I wasn't about to let it go! I've learned some new and neglected words in my life. You will too.

A-Z Mysteries

Absolute belief can deliver
Beauty. Concurrently, deceptive evil
Conveys destiny empirically fated.
Divine entities fortify glorious
Energy: friends give hearts
Freely gliding higher. Isis
Gives honorable insight jubilantly.
Humbly I juxtapose Kings,
Insensitive Judges killing Life.
Justice kisses lost men,
Knows listless mermaids navigating
Loveless. Memory never opens
Mankind needlessly. Oceans passively
Nurture overcast painful quietude.
Our personal quest rocks
Paradise quintessentially. Rising suns
Quell restlessness. Shading trees
Resistant. Sorrow torments uttered
Solutions temporarily unifying vespers.
Truly unnatural voluminous wisdom
Underestimates violent willful xenophobes.
Vengeful wars, xeric years.
Willful Xenophanes yearns zazen
Xerographic Yin zeniths,
Yang zodiacal

   Ciera S. Louise  c. April 24, 2006
  (subject to revision)