When Bad Does Good Beware

by | Mar 12, 2005 | Poetically Correct

I could have been a donor to a little girl in need
Though it was a difficult day God urged me to proceed
The snowstorm kept on raging but the people stood in line
It was a beautiful vision and everything seemed fine
Still my daughter was quite heavy in my better arm
I didn’t want to drop her and bring her to such harm
I inquired of a man orchestrating our positions
I told him I had a handicap that might hamper my decision
To stay or go I was now unsure so he ushered me inside
Where this tall blue-eyed man spat out at me so evilly and snide
He said “We have childcare! What more do you want!?”
His tone was irked and rough, tongue lashed as if to taunt
I wasn’t looking for a handout or a place to get ahead
I am not like him internally quite dead
I was all shaken up by this person I hadn’t met before
Why was the Enemy in a church watching at the door?
Overwhelmed, I chose to leave but I had to ask his name
He hissed “My name is ___________!”as if I’d lost some game
He had no right in his stress to attack me for I am disabled
But because it’s not as obvious he had me marked and labeled
Because of my limitation I had only sought to sit
I’d sit outside if it pleased him so had I even thought of it!
This poised angel of light with his tainted charity
Fear, Power, and Greed exposed himself to me
His dealership is typical of the ‘big name’ Legion
They all run in packs in this dark Monadnock Region
Now again I’m asking God the purpose of it all?
A little girl needs each of us to hear her precious call
But Satan knows no boundaries when he uses men worn down
This is just another example of his Lordship in our town.

Ciera S. Louise c. March 12, 2005