Walking Out of the Womb

by | Jun 22, 2006 | Poetically Correct

The canopy of night covers the land
The stars of heaven blur hand in hand
I drift to slumber and die again
I’m light as air
I drop my pen.

The moon defines a lit circle of birth
Death shall deliver each Soul from earth
I hope next time when I fly beyond
I’ll become a gazelle or bird of song.

I can’t seem to detach much more than an hour
Without being pulled back for my shell to devour
A prisoner of flesh I dream of ascension
I pray for peace in that dimension.

I’d write in blood if it would set me free
But my daughter whispers:
“I’m only three.”
(A Mayan Doctor did not deliver
Us from the torrent of the river.)

O’ dear Sky Dove, I’ll stay for you.
I brought here,
I’ll see you through.
And if I cry
It’s so I’ll wake again
And hold the Light
Until you can.

Ciera S. Louise c. June 22, 2006