Rumble In The Jungle

by | Feb 2, 2006 | Poetically Correct

Reduce, share, unplug the fear
Or you haven’t got a prayer
Hypocrites are everywhere
Speak your mind if you dare
Give not into weak despair
Call the Lion from his lair
His is not to really care
For the children far and near
See the smoldering Teddy Bear?
Not so far from here to there
Smoke does cloud the hemisphere
Yet we persist to blindly stare
Lacking the wisdom to prepare
Lose our shirts and underwear
Is that the power we revere?
A hateful greedy overseer
Sets the trap and snaps the snare?
His tactic is to create a scare
So you’ve no choice but to adhere
His Wolf makes speeches debonair
For sheep to slaughter so sincere
Collecting souls is their career
So hence we do not once declare
The double talk remains unclear
For what is there left to compare
But to be alive is to be aware.

Ciera S. Louise c. February 02, 2006