Pending Divorce

by | Jan 12, 2006 | Poetically Correct

You see color – I see blood
You claim rain – I claim flood
You feel power – I feel defeat
You think trust – I think deceit
You speak English – I speak verse
You say gift – I say curse
You seem mobile – I seem still
You guard slaves – I guard God’s Will
You ask for war – I ask for why
You hear no choice – I hear decide
You sing heroics – I sing unheard
You give excuses – I give the Word
You taste of power – I taste of Divine
You offer vinegar – I offer wine
You act carnal – I act insane
You profess cure – I profess pain
You be a man – I be a She
You be you – I’ll be me.

Ciera S. Louise c. 01/12/06