Newspapers and Nirvana

by | May 1, 2008 | Poetically Correct

Do you believe in cosmic prayer?
I asked the Dog, the Bull, the Bear.
The Dog speaks not as a witness.
The Bull flexes with persistence.
The Bear said, “I stole your pie,
The apple-lickin’ living lie.”
Eagle scorned and quite severe,
Looked with rage as if to scare.
Even every mouse has heard,
That human beings are absurd.
Spiders weave the web of fate,
While politicians fake debate.
Puppet Master on the hill,
Still selling us the purple pill,
Shall we accept this grand illusion
Within the aisles of confusion?
I don’t need degree in hand,
Nor psychological command,
To dance upon the picket fence,
With fairy-footed eloquence.
Liberty not bought nor sold,
Intangible as priceless gold,
Mocks a monkey in a suit,
Another office prostitute.
Where to put the litter box,
For all the tele-tubing talks?
Polarized and fist to fist,
Truly war should not exist.
Black holes swallow all of this,
Receptacles of twisting fish.
If you contemplate the rhyme,
Why are we just doing time?

Ciera S. Louise c. May 01, 2008