My Body, My Soul

by | Mar 11, 2005 | Poetically Correct

They say I have an attitude
The Pagans so disdain
I emphasize their tactics
Of twisting up your brain
One guy did a homicide
Another sold a joint
To an undercover nark!
Need I press this point?
The media is ‘their’ servant
But won’t work for you or I
We’re supposed to question not
The reason for the Lie
Marijuana is less offensive
Adults to adults can choose
To relax, sit back and laugh
Or suck nicotine and booze
Don’t you know ‘their’ motive?
Your health and mood are shot!
So you bicker with your family
Dividing House and Lot!
‘They’ push smokes and alcohol
Our anxiety pleads suppression
From the inner conflicts
Stemming from depression
You who never smoked an herb
Don’t give me your debate
Untainted plants were put here
Before you Hypocrites of Hate
My Peace Pipe calls a “checkmate”
On your Bishop of Bullshit
Who said you could rewrite the Book?
You Judge and Hypocrite!
I’d rather retain my freedom
Than heed your hissing voice
I think adults are old enough
Their body is their choice.

Ciera S. Louise c. 03/11/05