Lead Us By Example

by | Jan 7, 2006 | Poetically Correct

The troops see terror

With each rising sun

We must pray for peace

Send support to each one

They must do the job

Because they enlisted

Who ever knew defense

Could become so twisted?

God bring them home safely

From a tour of great sorrow

Wait not another day

We’ve witnessed tomorrow

The continual bloodshed

Crying mothers in black

That last kiss goodbye

They can never take back

It’s an endless futile course

Not full of old glory

We are being shamed

For this tragic story

As in Vietnam

We suffered similar gains

We gave no real honor

Just listed their names

Crippled or dead

In a losing war

I bow my head

I ask, what for?

Freedom you say?

By who’s definition?

For each individual

It’s a private transition

Liberty is not just

A physical thing

That’s why the caged bird

Continues to sing

Who are we to decide

For every human being?

The Truth is quite evident

For believing is seeing.

Ciera S. Louise 01/07/06