Is This Life Death?

by | Sep 1, 2005 | Poetically Correct

What did I do?

What did I say?

Am I that ugly?

Am I too gray?

Is it that obvious

The people I hate?

It is only for those

Who force me to wait

But here is my poem

A psalm you won’t sing

Only God’s animals

Care what I bring

To this earth all alone

A stranger I have been

Although I keep trying

I fail all over again

Where can I hide

My daughter protected?

From all that is Evil?

From Ones so infected?

I’d purge all possessions

I’d fast every day

If only I could find

The True and Right Way

Out of this mess

Out of this skin

Out of this World

They have made me live in

But for the flowers

The squirrels having fun

My beautiful Sky

The trees praising Sun

I’d be in despair

Every minute – every breath

Will somebody tell me

Is my Life really Death?

Ciera S. Louise c. 09/01/05