Inciters of Driven Rage

by | Mar 14, 2005 | Poetically Correct

You get in your car

Life becomes chance

How many self-absorbed

Won’t signal in advance?

Go u l t r a s l o w

Or light speed fast

Power-starved tailgaters

Up your ass

So you tip your mirror

Rather than react

To the Sociopath

Weapon at your back

Tanks obscuring view

Like generals in a war

All they lack is a swastika

Printed on their door

There’s never a cop

To issue a stiff fine

To the Omega Man

Control-freak of the line

For every given license

There should be a class

And I don’t mean a test

A monkey could pass

Three strikes could apply

To maniacs of the road

Who leave their house

Looking to explode

Sometimes you just pull over

Better yet turn around

Cause it only escalates

After mile two I found

God grant us to be patient

And keep us educated

That some so need a doctor

Who’ll keep them medicated

The rules of the road

Will never apply to these

Until their wrongful right

Is taken with their keys.

Ciera S. Louise c. March 14, 2005