In the Currency of Deception

by | Aug 13, 2006 | Poetically Correct

In the Currency of Deception

Off to the thrift store on a budget analysis,
Trying not to feel I’ll get stigmatic paralysis.
I give up tightly fitting in on this cultural chain,
The old credit card trap or a borrowers’ shame.
I get unforeseen expenses so difficult to arrange,
Tho’ I’m older and wiser, the wage hasn’t changed.
Deceptive needs or desires, like designer blue jeans,
The softest white tissue on the butt-end of esteem.
Your favorite color a ploy with lace on every edge,
Pure allegiance to fads and fashions we pledge.
Why not barter a friend rather than pile on “stuff”
They have enough clutter: When is enough is enough?
We drown in duplication at the wall-to-wall mart,
I prefer to create a gift straight from the heart.
For a helpful useful gadget vs. another knick-knack,
I’ll bend on this principle or take it right back.
This ‘process of growth’ takes many a bad purchase,
But when you empty your bag it’s the only thing worth it.

Ciera S. Louise c. August 13, 2006