Freeze Frame

by | Apr 11, 2005 | Poetically Correct

Fat Rat and Slim Cat

Sitting by the road

Who’d you think shows up?

But Smartypants the Toad

He said “I have to cross

Why do they go so fast?”

“I don’t really care” said Slim

“It’s amusing when they pass”

“My name’s Bubba, this is Slim.”

Said Rat to Smartypants

“We’re a couple of spectators

Of human circumstance.”

“I’ll see you later” said the Toad

“I have things that must be done.

I’ve not time to hang around

My life has just begun.”

Like a skipping stone was he

Across the glittery gray mat

He never looked both ways

So now he’s lying flat

Bub and Slim kept their secret

Of why they were together

A couple of philosophers

Discussing more than weather

When the traffic made no sense

To the point it did confound

The two just sauntered off

To the fringes of the town

I only mention this

‘Cause every day’s the same

Predictably we end up here

Like a photo in a frame.

Ciera S. Louise c. May 11, 2005