Dead Wrong For Right

by | Jun 9, 2005 | Poetically Correct

Crusading for Christianity

Denouncing God’s humanity

Confess, repent, baptismal bath

To save you from the coming wrath

I don’t think there’s a certain fix

Scripture is no bag of tricks

We all know who the other be

Raising Cain for democracy

Freedom fighters fight just that

Dropping civilians in their path

I met the Inquisition today

Condemning what I had to say

Hypocrites in rubber masks

Sipping from their holy flasks

As if they’ll be hidden in the end

What goes around shall come again

Disobedience can be a gentle smile

While forced to walk in single file

I turn my cheek to see my Brother

Blood and bones of our Mother

She was judged by ruthless men

But Jesus shall lift her again

He’ll call her name in the breeze

Set her broken heart at ease

Hand her a flashing sword of Light

Redeem her children from the night

Winged woman be like a dove

Shrewd as the Snake of worldly love

Behold the day is drawing so near

But Lady Wisdom can’t make you hear

If you don’t listen nor believe it so

Tell me where do dead men go?

Ciera S. Louise c. June 09, 2005