Blind As A Bat Fallacy

by | Jan 10, 2006 | Poetically Correct

Blind As A Bat Fallacy

You ever stopped long enough
To watch a bug on its mission?
Are you even allowed
To make such a decision?
Before you stigmatize
The smallest life form
Watch what they’re doing
In spite of the storm
Huge feet and poisoning
Wiped away with a crumb
Thrown in the trash
Into the toilet go some

    Okay—now take the dog
    He’s harder to throw away
    How much do you miss him
    As he does you every day?
    Show me a person as loyal
    Minds their own business
    Keeps all of your secrets
    Gossips not your existence

Review now the rodent
Is he really a criminal rat?
Anymore than would be
Your pampered fat cat?
Have you owned such a critter?
This miniature dog in disguise?
Actually better stated: a human
Untainted by pride?

    The point in this matter
    The Kingdom is in your midst
    Pay attention and see it
    Such perfection exists.

Ciera S. Louise c. January 10, 2006