Another Monarchy 2005

by | Mar 3, 2005 | Poetically Correct

So the media can’t get a true profile of the King?

When they’re poised and aimed at everything?

He’s killing your children while telling the Nations

This is what’s ‘Right’ for public relations

He has murdered civilians in countries abroad

And justified it in his service to God

There’s nothing Patriotic about this Act

Of absolute power and criminal tact

When we got bombed like sitting ducks

It should have been those political schmucks

A true Citizen won’t accept this for long

Read your Constitution if you think I am wrong

It’s being dismantled right under your nose

Jefferson warned the Monarchy grows

When checks and balances have been deleted

Your Democracy has been defeated

You must unite before it’s too late

There’s no class division when it comes to fate

There’s US and Them – the symbolic red bear

He with wisdom and courage must have no fear.

Ciera S. Louise 03/03/05