Anatomystics: 101

by | May 26, 2007 | Poetically Correct

Greet the reader,
Strike a chord.
The Poet Tree,
A two-edge sword.
Nay a riddle
Rhythmic line,
Dance of mystics
Autistics find;
Measure of norms
A circled-in box.
Eyes like windows
Naught interlock.
Emerald Tablets,
The Secret of NIMH,
Binds the Dark,
Defines the Sin.
Born in the grotto
Where oceans speak:
All are One,
Not one unique.
Fear not Death
As it sets you free
From physical chains
Called Humanity.
Sleepy Angels
Around the Flower
It is finally time
Reclaim your Power.
Blood letters and prayer,
Red-inked feather pens,
Shall still the Voices
When we think in Tens.

Ciera S. Louise
c. May 26, 2007