Walking Out of the Womb: I speak of the secondary womb where a child becomes a self-empowered entity. For 25 years, a mother should still light the way when necessary for her children, as they cannot yet become masters of their own flame.


  Walking Out of the Womb

The canopy of night covers the land
The stars of heaven blur hand in hand
I drift to slumber and die again
Iím light as air
I drop my pen.

The moon defines a lit circle of birth
Death shall deliver each Soul from earth
I hope next time when I fly beyond
Iíll become a gazelle or bird of song.

I canít seem to detach much more than an hour
Without being pulled back for my shell to devour
A prisoner of flesh I dream of ascension
I pray for peace in that dimension.

Iíd write in blood if it would set me free
But my daughter whispers:
"I'm only three."
(A Mayan Doctor did not deliver
Us from the torrent of the river.)

O' dear Sky Dove, Iíll stay for you.
I brought here,
Iíll see you through.
And if I cry
Itís so Iíll wake again
And hold the Light
Until you can.

Ciera S. Louise c. June 22, 2006