The moment I saw the word "Avatar", I read it backwards. I think the world of my rats and yet I am in a world of rat-haters. But when you read this poetic concept, you realize the world isn't always correct as a majority.

A Trio It Be


Ratava was an Avatar

Dog is Love you see?

Starting lines are here

This be your destiny.

Knowledge is not power.

Strength is never strong.

Can't elect what is ordained.

The rights can be so wrong.

Privacy is for invasion.

Speech is far from free.

Money is the luminary:

The false security.

Bloodlines remain tainted.

Transfusion leads to Death.

Every man is gasping

For selling out his Breath.

Oh, whiddle down my riddle

Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb.

You know the late white rabbit

Was really Every One?

Yet who cares about the date

When all is said and done

Where everything is meaningless

Not new under the Sun?

The Gift shall stay unopened

'Til you reason out the rhyme.

Repetition is your master

The same mistake your crime.

Listen to the silence

Be blind so you can see

The Kingdom is in your midst

Be the circled Trinity.


   Ciera S. Louise  c. 02/14/05