Tragic Magic
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I hardly wrote anything I could finish or commit to editing this year. 2007 has been cruel and unusual for many events that both grieve and anger me. Only now have I envisioned this sleeping dragon of suppression and sedated aggression.

Tragic Magic


Never wake a sleeping Dragon.

Whisper, lest s/he hear.


Tiptoe in the halls.

Shut windows and doors.

See candlelight and shadows

Flicker and flow.


Listen carefully

Before you walk with me:

He is She.

She is He.

Born of fire.

A fierce Protector,

                             shape shifter,

                                                   potential predator.


Curved overgrown claws,

Each a smooth sharp machete,

Resting cold and dormant

On a cement bed

Under a webbed canopy

Dreaming of olde battles.


Taster of metallic salt,

Blood, sweat and tears.

Bittersweet vengeance.

All that's in you.

All that's in me.



   Ciera S. Louise c. Dec. 4, 2007