This is coming from a new perspective of noting many Indians in our midst. Very quiet, they talk on the cell phones, walk in the daylight, and watch me watch them. I'm okay with them. They were preyed upon, robbed and raped. Their ancestors are not forgotten as ours tend to be. The lore lives on. Elder respect is a given. Shame on the predator, his time has come.

Ten Little Indians


I've seen the Indians

They came for their land

The rivers and trees

The mountains and sand

Sometimes they're in pairs

But more often alone

We've been so busy

How could we have known?

Money distracts US

The television attacks

Our conscience of care

Our knowledge of facts

O' dear 'sleepers'

Desensitized ones

Drugged and obsessed

Hiding your guns

The time has come

Warnings are gone

I'm with whom I love

With only my song

As it was in the beginning

It is now so in the end

I hope that I did well enough

To soar the skies again.


   Ciera S. Louise  c. May 20, 2006