Poetry 2000-.....

I really never jived with the NH mentality. MOST people fit this description, not ALL. I just wonder how I could ever land in this mini culture of--well read it. I really never fit in with my individuality, assertiveness as a female, my choice to be single, my artwork and poetry, my dramatic expressions, my excitement--no wonder Jumanji was filmed here.

   Love Hate This State


New England weather

Empirically erratic

Polarized personas

Claim Democratic

Nothing expected

Is automatic

The gossip elicits

Too much static

Dare question why

I'm so emphatic

I stand in refusal

To be diplomatic

I've met too many


And gun-toting

Paranoid fanatics

Live free or die

A stupid politic

I'll gladly die free

Your hated heretic

Oh, Hypocrites of NH!

Hear me tell

Bigots and Liars

Whores that sell

Church-going Demons:

Fuck you



   Ciera S. Louise c. May 05, 2005