Poetry 2000-.....

This poem was about the different set of views in our Society as I have personally experienced them. This is why I added the word cage to the title. It's kind of "stuck and trapped" judgemental thinking.

Societal Cage

A beautiful pregnant woman

Becomes the ugly single mother

Her ugly duckling

Will be a beautiful swan

So many beautiful cars

Are driven by ugly egos

An ugly self-interest

Can mar a beautiful charity

A beautiful body

Can harbor an ugly soul

The ugly indigent

May have a beautiful heart

A beautiful song

Can tell an ugly story

Ugly air pollution

Won't stop a beautiful sunset

A beautiful ocean

Can have an ugly shoreline

An ugly nightmare

Begs a beautiful daydream

The beautiful chapel

May hide an ugly truth

An ugly separation

Can bring beautiful solitude

A beautiful bouquet

Mocks an ugly funeral.


     Ciera S. Louise c. April 11, 2005