The Right Wing Ladies
(Sung to: The Camp Town  Ladies)

Okay, you get to see two different versions here of The Camptown Ladies. It was such a fun tune to work with that I knew the people who were flipping out over housing costs in our town would appreciate one for the landlords who could care less about the citizen who lives and works here when there's a nice big college full of out of state kids with money and rich parents. It is really ridiculous and actually has been in the newspaper many times as a problem that never gets fixed too much. Hopefully soon the college will not be encroaching into the community much longer as they build up their own properties they have successfully bought up. The question is though, how much of Keene NH will be left after they spread out? It remains to be seen.

1) The right wing ladies sing this song, Moolah! Moolah!
    The right wing assholes smell real strong: Get the moolah spray!
They're going to spend all night!
They're going to spend all day!
Their Moolah gives them lots of clout
And that's the Moolah way
2) A Democrat walks in the room, Moolah! Moolah!
    But he ain't had no silver spoon, and that's the Moolah way!
3) You have no health care, what a shame, Moolah! Moolah
     Your starving children have no name, but that's the Moolah way!
4) You work like a slave on minimum wage, Moolah! Moolah!
     You can't afford a place to stay, and that's the Moolah way!
5) This corruption will not ever cease, Moolah! Moolah!
    Because we own your damn police, that's the Moolah way!
6) You're a rebel if you protest, Moolah! Moolah!
     We'll label you a terrorist, that's the Moolah way!
Version Two for Keene, NH: Dedicated to the large number of greedy Landlords who charge college rents to all of the Citizens who stay and work right here and don't have the higher out-of-state wages most students bring in.
1) The right wing landlords sing this song, Moolah! Moolah!
    The rental victims know it's wrong, but that's the moolah way!
We have to work all night!
Have to work all day!
If we don't pay the college rents
We'll have no place to stay!
1) They own the houses and the cops, Moolah! Moolah!
     So this injustice never stops, and that's the Moolah way!
2) They sit on Council—run the press, Moolah! Moolah!
     The residents know they're oppressed, but that's the Moolah way!
3) I live in Keene and food is tight, Moolah! Moolah!
    Most college kids are up all night, and that's the Moolah way!
4) The so-called help is pretty lame, Moolah! Moolah!
     If you can't figure out their game, but that's the Moolah way!
6) We have no way to win this fight, Moolah! Moolah!
     Because the Courts won't do what's right, and that's the Moolah way!

CSL.c.July 2005