I still see the beautiful ocean in much distress. Again, an area of neglect and abuse. We sing:  from sea to shining sea, but it is now a dying sea of pollution and overfishing with no regard to other life within its bounds. The Love of money is the primary cause of all environmental crimes and we 'The People' accept this and/or contribute to it without a care for the next generation 

Dedicated to the Ocean
Words To: "America The Beautiful"

Oh Beautiful
For peaceful waves
For air that smells so sweet
For royal sounds of majesty
And sand beneath my feet
    Oh, Ocean Deep!
    Oh, Ocean Deep
    God shines His Light on Thee
    And preserves Thy Good
    I wish we would
    From sea to dying sea
How Beautiful
The tide rolls in
I walk in faithfully
I am so small
I’m not at all
Omnipotent as Thee!
    Oh, Ocean Blue!
    Oh, Ocean Blue
    You beckon me beyond
    I wash my face
    In all Thy grace
    And sing for You this song.

Ciera S. Louise
September 2000